Postponed due to COVID-19

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Postponed due to COVID-19

It is a difficult decision but we have postponed the Hosts2Pros event that was scheduled for March 21st, 2020 until a further determined date.  The reason is the COVID-19 situation taking place all around the world.  We felt that public safety was first priority.  And also to be able to host and event during a more peaceful and safe time so we can give the event the energy it deserves which ultimately helps you the attendees.  

We will return with more details and a future date but for now we have to monitor the next 2 weeks to see what facilities are available and allowed and how the overall pandemic is being handled. 

Please understand that this COVID-19 threatens one of our greatest resources, the elderly and the wisdom that comes along with them.  Our prayers and support go out to all the families who are in the midst of this challenging time, and we are here to support in whichever way we could possibly be for all our people and citizens of humanity.

We will see you on the other side of this.

Robert Nunez

Sean Stephenson 

Organizers Hosts2Pros London

Hosts2Pros the global masterclass workshop offering quality presentations during a focused and intense learning setting.   Hosts2Pros multi-purpose approach offers the following valuable services within the Serviced Accommodations and Short Term Rental Industry: 

  • Provide existing Hosts and property managers the resources and information they will need directly from already established companies and presenters within this industry to help them elevate their SA and STR business to the next level. 
  •  Provide Hosts, operators and PMs an event which will most definitely assist with informing, improving, and further guiding their hosting and business operations in the right direction. 
  •  Provide new Hosts and PMs a platform to set themselves up correctly and access all the available tools provided by already operational companies to start, and continue to operate successfully in the SA and STR industry. 
  •  Provide a platform for the Serviced Accommodation STR. industry as a whole can come set themselves up correctly using the relevant, valuable and tested strategies and services they learned through this conference to assist in their growth. 


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